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Mr. Evan Pinkerton leaves the noise and smells of London to holiday in the fresh air of Bath and enjoy the healing waters. To his dismay, a murder is committed in the very hotel in which he is staying.


No disease is welcome by the one experiencing it, but diseases that steal a person’s brain and memories, are especially sinister.


Satan is concerned that the number of sinners being consigned to Hell are dropping to the point that at sometime in the future, he and his operation might be in peril. On advice of one of his henchmen, he goes to heaven to have it out with God.


The Reilly & Lee Company, of Chicago and New York, first published this novel in 1928. The story showcases the bravery, investigative acumen, and intelligence of three young girls. Ruth and two friends, through adventure and misadventure discover pirates and smugglers in their once sleepy cove.


Six men and six women from different backgrounds find themselves at one time or another at the All Night Cafe.