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Modern life is a blur and adults scamper here and there managing various aspects of their busy lives.


Mr. Pinkerton meets an American in front of a bombed out skeleton of a house in London. This American traveled across the ocean to find and marry Miss Mary Winship.


In this third and final volume, Kip has returned to earth where his life has degraded to a whirlwind of inactivity and boredom.


Scottish expatriate Robert Hannay, who recently returned from Rhodesia, South Africa is both the protagonist and narrator.


At that instant he realized that when his prediction came true, millions would know the name of Jacob Farley. His earthly fame would be short lived because everyone would either be in heaven or hell.


Peter David Queen, or P.D.Q. or just Q to his friends is the secretary of the Pilgrim Masonic Lodge No. 18 in Glendale, Arizona;


A rousing tale about a determined trio of well-drawn characters who prove themselves worthy adversaries against dark, evil forces of human and non-human foes.