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In volume two, Kip has become emboldened with his successes and now he takes up another quest of parental rescue. He is no longer working alone having enlisted the aid of two eager volunteers who have adopted his mission. Their search begins at Kip's original destination of Center One and concludes on the planet of Tartarus. What follows is a fierce battle with evil pirates which leads the valiant band to the diamond and gold mining planet of Qursor. In the final battle, Kip faces foul-smelling monsters called Asbosam whose tusks are easily capable of ripping flesh of the most proficient swordsman. Kip is no stranger to sword play but aid comes from the most surprising source with the most astounding results.

Audience: El Hi Youngsters to Young Adults

Availability: Kindle and Nook

Cover Art: Philip Hansen


  • Created : Sep 06, 2018
  • Category: Young Adult
  • Type : Single
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