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Kip is a sixteen year-old who has been plucked from his school friends to travel with his parents to a remote noble gas mining outpost on the planet of Center One. Filled with self-pity he is filled with the prospect of monstrous monotony. His father is an engineer for the Magma Mining Company and Kip's dreams of attending the space Federation Naval Academy were vanishing with the speed of light. Contrary to conventional wisdom, their old star cruiser is attacked and boarded by space pirates who abduct Kip's parents. He escapes capture by sheer luck whereupon he vows to mount a crusade to rescue his mother and father. He knows that with each passing day; the odds of find his parents alive diminish. Read how Kip enlists the aid of new found friends to first locate his mother.

Audience: El-hi Youngsters to young adults

Availability: Kindle 

Cover Art: Philip Hansen


  • Created : Sep 06, 2018
  • Category: Young Adult
  • Type : Single
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