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The Reilly & Lee Company, of Chicago and New York, first published this novel in 1928. The story showcases the bravery, investigative acumen, and intelligence of three young girls. Ruth and two friends, through adventure and misadventure discover pirates and smugglers in their once sleepy cove.


A rousing tale about a determined trio of well-drawn characters who prove themselves worthy adversaries against dark, evil forces of human and non-human foes.


The tree is so called because in its early day two young trees separated by about five feet somehow grew together and finally intertwined.


One night while on watch aboard the Sea Nymph, Johnny Thompson observes a series of green lights in the shape of an arrow coming from an island's interior.


In this third and final volume, Kip has returned to earth where his life has degraded to a whirlwind of inactivity and boredom.


In volume two, Kip has become emboldened with his successes and now he takes up another quest of parental rescue. He is no longer working alone.


Kip is a sixteen year-old who has been plucked from his school friends to travel with his parents to a remote noble gas mining outpost on the planet of Center One.