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The Ghost of Blackrock Mountain & Blood on Blackrock Mountain

The Ghost of Blackrock Mountain & Blood on Blackrock Mountain

Two book special


Expectations. Everybody had expectations.

Ben Foley, the snake oil huckster, expected to turn a tidy profit in Blackrock, Arizona.

Andy Carter expected to run away to a better life after shooting Ben Foley if the man ever attempted a beating again.

Jason Danby, expected to be a big noise in Arizona Territory and national politics.

William Larson, rancher, expected to live out his life in quiet comfort in harmony with his neighbors.

They all had expectations and then the mysterious cowboy rode into town and everybody’s expectations changed. No one would be the same.

Death is an unwelcomed visitor to Blackrock and only fire can cleanse away the blood.


Ann Dee (Andy) Larson’s life has taken a pleasant turn. She’s rebuilding her home to be the showplace of the county when she meets a handsome, blond haired stranger who announces he will be the new sheriff. Little does she know that malevolent forces are preparing to descend on her resulting in changes to everyone’s lives.

A bogus mining engineer will use murder, extortion and blackmail to gain access to the gold rich Blackrock Stream that begins its run to the sea from an artesian well on Andy’s land. Destructive water cannon will be used to violate the riparian integrity which ultimately devastates the stream banks. The evil psychic energy awakens Andy’s guardian angel who sets about putting to right the awful mayhem visited upon the community and eventually is rewarded with eternal peace and rest.


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