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This book contains three short stories:

Justice Delayed

Jack Coots, a church burglar because they are an easy source of gold and silver. In his past, he was responsible for the accidental deaths of two people. He’s escaped justice for years, but when he robs a church where a mass suicide took place, justice is finally satisfied.

Sir Harold Finch Finds a Treasure

Jean Edwards and Leonard Case, a young couple would marry if they could find the money Leonard’s late uncle left them. Sir Harold is engaged to find the treasure, but Jean considers him a doddering old fool. She is surprised to find that the treasure was hiding in plain sight.

Sir Harold Finch to the Rescue

A young actress with a bright future is being blackmailed over an incident in her innocent past. Sir Harold is called in to stop the harassment, but she can’t believe this old man is anything but senile and she’s convinced her future is as bleak as the winters in Liverpool.

Author: D.L. Roberts
Audience: Adult Readers
Genre: Mystery Fiction
Cover: Amanda Kelsey
Available: Kindle & Nook
Pages: 111


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