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Samantha Strong is a recent graduate of Arizona State University where she learned very definite ideas of the role of print media.  She learned that journalists not only report the news but even make the news all backed by her mantra:  The public has a right to know.  Consequences mean little as long as the story gets out.  In her desire to propel herself out of the back waters of Arizona to the bright lights of New York or some other major new media market, she needs THE story to garner national attention.  She finds just the story as she follows up on the killing of an escaped felon and partially eaten wild animals, and surprise of all surprises, she meets a man claiming to be a zombie.  He claims his affliction came about as a result of this study of voodoo.  In Sam's investigations, she locates a voodoo Bokor houngan and a U.F.O.  Follow Samantha as she matures as a woman and struggles with what is just and morally right and the difference between truth and fact.  As in all good stories, love trumps all. 

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