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The Ride

The Ride

Jake Strong and his country and western band are in Arkansas winding up their winter tour. All expect to be home by Christmas. Bill Carter, Jake's friend, receives an emergency call and must return home due to a family emergency. The problem is he has no car. Jake loans Bill his keys with the expectation that Bill will return shortly. Life happens to Bill and he doesn't return.

Stranded, Jake opts to hitchhike in a snow storm. Finally he is offered a ride by Larry Cummings who is a moonshine swilling young man with a distorted view on life. Jake says nothing because the cab of the truck in toasty. Nearing the town where Larry lives and works, Jake is suddenly ousted from the truck. Jake now walks the five miles to town in the storm. He is prepared to have it out with Larry or Larry's father when Jake learns a mind-numbing fact of supernatural life.

Author: D.L. Roberts

Cover: Carl Huber

Editor: Darold Graves


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