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Kip is a sixteen year-old who has been plucked from his school friends to travel with his parents to a remote noble gas mining outpost on the planet of Center One.


A crystal skull is discovered in an archaeological dig in Peru in 1895 and over the course of years it finds its way to Phoenix, Arizona.


Fumbling Mr. Pinkerton is visiting Oxford with is quiet quadrangles and ancient streets where excitement and death run riot.


Baby Feet contains rhymes and stores from the early twentieth century when a child's life was simpler and more innocent.


This is a delightful narrative for the juvenile to enjoy a yard of mischief and adventure with a moral lesson. The story takes place in the ocean at a time before sea snails had shells.


Satan is concerned that the number of sinners being consigned to Hell are dropping to the point that at sometime in the future, he and his operation might be in peril. On advice of one of his henchmen, he goes to heaven to have it out with God.


Expectations. Everybody had expectations. Ben Foley, the snake oil huckster, expected to turn a tidy profit in Blackrock, Arizona.


Suppose you were taking a walk in the dense fog of a London afternoon. Suppose also a beautiful girl came running desperately toward you,