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Kip is a sixteen year-old who has been plucked from his school friends to travel with his parents to a remote noble gas mining outpost on the planet of Center One.


Modern life is a blur and adults scamper here and there managing various aspects of their busy lives.


Fumbling Mr. Pinkerton is visiting Oxford with is quiet quadrangles and ancient streets where excitement and death run riot.


Baby Feet contains rhymes and stores from the early twentieth century when a child's life was simpler and more innocent.


One night while on watch aboard the Sea Nymph, Johnny Thompson observes a series of green lights in the shape of an arrow coming from an island's interior.


The tree is so called because in its early day two young trees separated by about five feet somehow grew together and finally intertwined.


Expectations. Everybody had expectations. Ben Foley, the snake oil huckster, expected to turn a tidy profit in Blackrock, Arizona.


In volume two, Kip has become emboldened with his successes and now he takes up another quest of parental rescue. He is no longer working alone.