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Work in Progress

Welcome to our "Work in Progress" page. Here you'll find books "on the drawing board". Feel free to contact us if you'd like updates on progress and notification when the books are published.

It’s a New Day Tomorrow

Author: D.L. Roberts

Editor: Fannie Price

Publisher: Darold Graves

Genre: Religious Mystery

Audience: Adult Readers

Cover: Carl Huber

Available: Nook/Kindle

Pages: Still being written

Price: Undecided

It’s a New Day Tomorrow is a book length work currently under review and edit. The electronic publication of this novel is expected to be last of October, first week or so of November 2019. Reverend Jacob Farley receives what he believes is a directive from God. The task assigned to Reverend Farley is to inform the world that the end is at hand and it is up to him to be the bearer of this news.

Chaos, disbelief, derision, increased faithfulness ensues. And of course, all the while an evil puppet master is in the shadows pulling the strings to the distress and pain of everyone.

Spoiler: The Girl on the Bus is temporarily on hold pending the elimination of a massive writer’s block. Work on this murder mystery should resumed once It’s a New Day Tomorrow is published.