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Work in Progress

Welcome to our "Work in Progress" page. Here you'll find books "on the drawing board". Feel free to contact us if you'd like updates on progress and notification when the books are published.

Rock-A-Bye Baby

Author: D.L. Roberts

Editor: To be determined

Publisher: Darold Graves

Genre: Adult Fiction

Audience: Adult Readers

Cover: To be determined

Available: Nook/Kindle

Pages: Still being written

Price: Undecided

Pity poor Precious Gordon, a woman who for all her married life has been a loyal, dutiful wife 100% supportive of her husband. It is only after he becomes terminally ill that she learns he’s been having an affair with the couple next door. Adding insult to injury, he blames her for his illness. Having been protected all her life, she’s ill prepared for the many disappointments and abuses that get heaped on her by her daughter, her neighbor, minister, and undertaker. In time, she tries to move on with her life only to be hurt again.

When the story opens, Precious is poised atop the Luhr’s Tower in downtown Phoenix to throw herself fourteen stories below. It is on the parapet of this building she meets a wise man and is confronted with her own hypocrisy.

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