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Genre: Various

Audience: Teen Readers

Born: November 12, 1878

Died: September 21, 1959

Known as:

  • Author of 80+ books
  • Adventurer
  • Lecturer
  • Missionary

Although he had various interests in his life, it was as an author of mostly adventure novels for boys and girls that he is best known. The edited version presented through this website was copyrighted in 1939 by Wildside Press. The Sign of the Green Arrow is offered here at an attractive price and many of his works are available through other sources at somewhat elevated prices.

He graduated from Wheaton Academy in 1906 and entered the ministry which led him to an array of postings, but just ten years later, his first book Little White Fox and His Arctic Friends was sold for the princely sum of $6.24. That, as is said, was just the beginning. Preferring to sequester himself while working, he could commit 2,000 words a minute to a manuscript and complete it for publication in record time. As successful as he was with well over a million books in print, he sometimes regretted a writing career. Those of us who fancy his style of weaving a mystery, appreciate his keen use of the English language. To read his books today will seem dated, however, they continue to entertain and offer escape into another world.

I hope you enjoy Sign of the Green Arrow.