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About the author

First, I'm me. There's no one who's exactly like me. So I mostly write to satisfy me, however, I do try to appeal to a general audience within the genre category. I'm comfortably retired, so I don't need to write for the money. Also, I love being an author as a conversation starter. As soon as it comes up in conversation people invariably ask, "What do you write?" Then, there we go.

Exercise and legacy

Writing gives me something to do. I'm able to exercise my brain and express myself through central characters while trying to weave a coherent story line. Finishing and posting a story online gives me a sense of completion. Bringing an idea through its many stages to the point where it becomes a part of the general body of information available to mankind is incredibly satisfying. There's a legacy aspect too, when I'm gone, my stories will live on. And everyone hopes to leave a lasting legacy.

I write short stories, mostly fiction, and post them on either Amazon or Barnes and Nobel, and sometimes both. I haven't honed in on any particular genre, preferring to write what makes me happy. If someone likes and buys my e-books, so much the better.

I also edit and annotate books written by other authors from an academic perspective where I discuss the author's characters, plots, settings, dialogues, etc.