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About D.L. Roberts

D L RobertsFirst, I'm me. There's no one who's exactly like me. So I mostly write to satisfy me, however, I do try to appeal to a general audience within the genre category. I'm comfortably retired, so I don't need to write for the money. Also, I love being an author as a conversation starter. As soon as it comes up in conversation people invariably ask, "What do you write?" Then, there we go.

Exercise and legacy

D.L is the primary contributing author here at Like Darold, he prefers not to be pigeon-holed into a particular genre. Ideas for plot come from many quarters and spark the creative juice bug to sit down and let the words flow.

He belongs to three writing groups feeding off others in the room. A short-term goal is to enter some essay contests.


For physical exercise, D.L. belongs to a local gym. It recently re- opened after a month and a half break. Their numbers are down so competition for individual machines is minimal. The point is, it is important to give the body a work-out to build creative stories.

One of the best mental exercise is to write prompts. That is, take unrelated words (watch – pencil – towel – coin – belt, for example) and write a couple of paragraphs. The exercise keeps the brain sharp and the results can be hilarious. Fun as a side benefit is a good thing.

His newest work, Satan’s Folly, will be out shortly.

Keep good thoughts and God bless.